Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer went

and has now gone by by except for in my room, which loves getting the nice warm afternoon sun of Studio City that keeps me sweatin when I take my 15 min cat nap. No one likes to sweat when sleeping, even after. . . well you know.
So in the past little bit some exciting things have started happening, and some extra struggles. I was able to make it to the premiere of "ALL ABOUT STEVE," which was just soo freaking exciting. Red Carpet, Mann's Chinese Theatre, and lots of peeps. Now even though no one wanted to talk to me, I still felt extra important cause they had blocked off the sidewalk. One of my best friends and my LA sister, Mellissa came with me, and as we grabbed our free soda and popcorn, she kindly handed my a mini-bottle of gin. AHHHHH Friends. We even got pictures, imagine that.

Lately have been doing everything possible to put myself on tape and break down the doors. Well, one finally opened, and then stayed open. Guest star audition for Better off Ted, for something I wasn't right for, and then a week later, another audition for them. YAY!! Just goes to show you, that persistence pays off. By the next time I write, I will have some television love to report. It's just something that you have to keep at. Some people will have more opportunity, and others it might just take a little more time.
Lastly wrote a sketch that I am trying to get shot. Might take a little bit, but I think it has some potential. Want to shoot. As we tend to forget hot to work with the camera from time to time if you don't do it enough.
Take it easy.
P.S. Thank god for spell-check