Thursday, September 29, 2011

The year of the working Actor

cause it hasn't stopped since I last posted. Even though I can find frustration at every turn, not happy with this or that, I can't negate the fact that if at the beginning of the year I could state that by Oct 1st of this year I would have 5 Network TV credits, and 4 Network Commercials, I would say that I have had a pretty lucky year. Two Days ago, got the opportunity to work on Community, was fast and quick, but again in the year of building credits, I would say this was pretty nice. And yes i am in a diaper. Can't wait for the mom to see that. Also had my Toyota Regional spot that was only running in AZ get a good size renegotiation. For a brief moment, and I use the work brief, I am able to be very proud at the work I have been able to do this past 9 months. Some luck, some years of blood sweat and tears, and finally some people are giving me a chance. Still looking for that manager that I want, but again that might be a while on that part, or then again it might happen tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I got engaged. HOLY SHIT.