Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Make that call

. . . or don't, it's really up to you. What is it about calling people we think we are not supposed to call that is so difficult? The key is the fact that we think we are not supposed to make the call. So if we just change that one little part of the equation and think we are supposed to make the call, it's easy right? Where am I going with all of this you might be asking. . . well doing all the stuff that I do in this industry, there was one part that I was failing at miserably, and that was pitching myself. *Note before you read any further, do your research before you go calling Michael Bay's office asking for him to see you in his movie. Trust me, you might not like the answer you get.* But seriously, Make the call. I was told by a coach this past month, that saying no to me is a lot harder than saying no to my agent, because it isn't letting down the person face to face. Even people in Hollywood, who have thick skins and no souls are still people. So make that call.
Pretty nice little week I had. Got out on three auditions, one with Brad Gillmore casting that I called in on. Plus had a little coaching session where I felt I really helped out another actor. and the only reason I think that way was because he told me so. Remember when you feel like you are all one note for an audition, look at where your character ends up, and do 180 degree turn of that for the top of the scene. Even if it is wrong, you'll at least get to see an arc.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Nice Is Dallas

Only because that is where I have been for the last week. . . Yep that's right shooting a starbucks webisode. And enjoying my per diem by taking out the crew for one too many drinks the last night there. Just when you think it is gonna take forever to book again, you book something so wonderful, and get told waaaaaayyyy too much that you are funny. I wish I could have recorded them saying that so that I could replay it when I go through the down turns of the profession. But man what power comes in booking. It's kind of like a huge tail wind during a long distance run that just gives you a huge push and allows you to catch your breath to continue on running. Luckily, for me I was kind of the focus on the spot, and got to work with an amazing director, who was an in house director who does a lot of projects, who I clicked with really really well. And did I say that I got paid to do it? HA HA. Great Production company that will bring me back hopefully, time and time again. We shall see. Also got started on a really great webisode idea I had with Churchill. It was fun but seemed a little all over the place. We shall see.