Saturday, February 19, 2011

what a great start

I am not gonna start this off with a hey I haven't written in a while... but ... fuck I just did. Anyway, got my first television credit on Shit My Dad Says for CBS. Met Wil Sasso and William Shatner. Amazing story of how it all came about, and both show runners, Max and David, thought that I did really well. So well that I didn't get cut. And I got a couple of house laughs. How about that?
I really have been feeling pretty damn good these past couple of months. I tried to meditate every day for at least 30 min and I gatta be honest, it has really started to have some amazing effects. I wasn't able to keep up that that pace, but being able to come back to it has been really amazing. Also it just seems that I am really feeling confident when it comes to my auditions. I set up a system now where I workshop at least once a week, so I am gonna be auditioning at the bare minimum once a week. It one