Saturday, December 26, 2009

End of the year thoughts. . .

Well it is the end of my year, and as I think back on my year, the cliched saying would be that it was tough, but actually it was a great year. There were so many things that fell into the right place for me, that it would be hard for me to say it was tough. I moved further out of debt. Booked two commercial spots. Started getting into theatrical offices. And currently have a great webisode that is being shot, we are on episode 3 of 6. So, instead of looking at this year as sooo tough, I will take it for what it was worth, a great year. Plus I blogged about 8 times more than I had any other year. And was able to take class for free. And planned a trip to Baja. Hell yeah, bring it on 2010, it's gonna be better I can taste it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer went

and has now gone by by except for in my room, which loves getting the nice warm afternoon sun of Studio City that keeps me sweatin when I take my 15 min cat nap. No one likes to sweat when sleeping, even after. . . well you know.
So in the past little bit some exciting things have started happening, and some extra struggles. I was able to make it to the premiere of "ALL ABOUT STEVE," which was just soo freaking exciting. Red Carpet, Mann's Chinese Theatre, and lots of peeps. Now even though no one wanted to talk to me, I still felt extra important cause they had blocked off the sidewalk. One of my best friends and my LA sister, Mellissa came with me, and as we grabbed our free soda and popcorn, she kindly handed my a mini-bottle of gin. AHHHHH Friends. We even got pictures, imagine that.

Lately have been doing everything possible to put myself on tape and break down the doors. Well, one finally opened, and then stayed open. Guest star audition for Better off Ted, for something I wasn't right for, and then a week later, another audition for them. YAY!! Just goes to show you, that persistence pays off. By the next time I write, I will have some television love to report. It's just something that you have to keep at. Some people will have more opportunity, and others it might just take a little more time.
Lastly wrote a sketch that I am trying to get shot. Might take a little bit, but I think it has some potential. Want to shoot. As we tend to forget hot to work with the camera from time to time if you don't do it enough.
Take it easy.
P.S. Thank god for spell-check

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Make that call

. . . or don't, it's really up to you. What is it about calling people we think we are not supposed to call that is so difficult? The key is the fact that we think we are not supposed to make the call. So if we just change that one little part of the equation and think we are supposed to make the call, it's easy right? Where am I going with all of this you might be asking. . . well doing all the stuff that I do in this industry, there was one part that I was failing at miserably, and that was pitching myself. *Note before you read any further, do your research before you go calling Michael Bay's office asking for him to see you in his movie. Trust me, you might not like the answer you get.* But seriously, Make the call. I was told by a coach this past month, that saying no to me is a lot harder than saying no to my agent, because it isn't letting down the person face to face. Even people in Hollywood, who have thick skins and no souls are still people. So make that call.
Pretty nice little week I had. Got out on three auditions, one with Brad Gillmore casting that I called in on. Plus had a little coaching session where I felt I really helped out another actor. and the only reason I think that way was because he told me so. Remember when you feel like you are all one note for an audition, look at where your character ends up, and do 180 degree turn of that for the top of the scene. Even if it is wrong, you'll at least get to see an arc.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Nice Is Dallas

Only because that is where I have been for the last week. . . Yep that's right shooting a starbucks webisode. And enjoying my per diem by taking out the crew for one too many drinks the last night there. Just when you think it is gonna take forever to book again, you book something so wonderful, and get told waaaaaayyyy too much that you are funny. I wish I could have recorded them saying that so that I could replay it when I go through the down turns of the profession. But man what power comes in booking. It's kind of like a huge tail wind during a long distance run that just gives you a huge push and allows you to catch your breath to continue on running. Luckily, for me I was kind of the focus on the spot, and got to work with an amazing director, who was an in house director who does a lot of projects, who I clicked with really really well. And did I say that I got paid to do it? HA HA. Great Production company that will bring me back hopefully, time and time again. We shall see. Also got started on a really great webisode idea I had with Churchill. It was fun but seemed a little all over the place. We shall see.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Organize your thoughts

And your bedroom. Looking for some sort of focus, I found an hour long organizational conversation about how to keep organization in my buisness. And the reason for it isn't to feel bad when you fall out of the schedule, but to have something to come back to when you get out of sorts. That is pretty darn crucial when I thought about it, and a great way to look at things. I tend to kick myself in the butt when I get a little off track. People tell me that I work a lot and I tend to feel that sometimes I am just restarting. But then again what the hell is wrong with that. It's not necessarily a restart as much as it is getting going again. Luckily this week I was able to tighten up some of my organizational stuff, and have set in a new system. Also I got truly frustrated this week, when all I could look at was how much I hadn't done. But someone once told me, that instead of getting angry or depressed when you are frustrated, get excited. Because that really means that you are about to go through a break through. Yup, so I have been getting excited. Today is my chance to put a lil something on tape. And this week is the week I have a meeting with the agent, facilitate a mgr and start my new marketing stuff.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Am I Pregnant?

So this whole past week I have been extremely sick in the mornings. And when I tell people they all ask if I am pregnant. Which was funny the first time I heard it, but after everyone I know replied the same way it got. . . how can you say . . . old?
My favorite comparison of the acting world it to that of a kayaker in the ocean. Some times it is smooth and you can really fly. Other times it is harder than hell and it feels like every move you make is gonna make you fall. Up and down, Up and down. But the more experienced the kayaker, the more likely he is to understand that every little move isn't gonna make you fall. And there are certain days where you should just take the boat out of the water and wait for the storm to pass. We have those as actors as well. When you first hit those weeks of despair it feels like your career is over and you don't know what the hell you are gonna do with your life. Then once you've experienced it for a while, you can recognize it as a storm, take your boat out of the water, and wait it out. You will paddle again. It was interesting to hear my CD friend Sherry Thomas talk about having something else besides this business, (for her it is sportscenter) because it will seem like a round the clock job if you don't. Soooo True. For many of us out there who are servers, waiters, or table managers (my personal favorite), people who sling food to pay the bills while trying to land the next job, It can become daunting. We work as much as possible to pay for the class, the showcase, the pictures, and then if we are proactive, on our days off we hurry around to try and procure work. End of week, wash, rinse and repeat. It's as close to crazy as you can possibly find. But we love it, and where else can you find a job that with one booking could pay for all of your bills for the whole year? No where. Well, that's my little rant on that.
This week I finally got to meet the lovely Leslie Woo from Jeannie McCarthy Casting, and facilitated a Q & A at The Actors Network with Sherry Thomas. And thought to myself when I saw Star Trek, the small parts with one lines, where knowing that person is gonna make a butt load of cash off of it, I can do that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

And the beat goes on. . .

This has been a week, actually quite a month. I have been really trying to narrow the focus on things to keep my head in check. Callback this week for Burger King with Lisa Fields, who I believe is casting the new Nightmare on Elm street. She did the casting as well for the last Friday the 13th. Interesting as she is starting to move over to the feature land. Quite nice for me, considering she had kept me busy during the slower times in the season. 10 Commercial auditions for the month of April, and 6 callbacks with 3 avails. Pictures must be doing something. Need to give props out to Buckley Sampson, and John Arrington. Buckley was my image consultant, and John did the shots. Amazing people both of them. Continued my mixed martial arts workouts with Ryan Churchill, and they are kickin my butt. Was told by one of the trainers at the gym to day that it was the hardest workout she had ever seen. Had a funny idea for Ross Lacy postcard today. Considering Ryan over the last 4 months has gone in so many times for him that it is silly, but he hasn't booked. And now that I have been in a couple of times, was going to make a postcard with his face on it saying, sick and tired of Churchill not getting it done for you. . .? Bring on the Kurt. We both had a kick out of that.