Monday, November 3, 2014

Sometimes it's better to just watch other people drive

... then to stay in your own head.

Last week sucked.

In my head.

A lot of "it's never gonna, " "you might want to just," and "Seriously??"

So driving home from an opportunity, stuck in the lovely LA traffic, I had the opportunity to watch the other people drive by, stop, get stuck, cut off, and wait patiently.

And I observed.

Some people were pissed. Some were happy. Most were in their own heads.

No one saw me, but I got the opportunity to think about them all as they drove by.  To imagine what their circumstances were. How did they feel about the situation they were in at the moment. Imagining what the consequences were for their day. What would it be like to experience that?

So I thought about that.

Until the consequences of my not paying attention came to the front, to which I received an angry honk to move my car.

Sometimes it's better to just watch other people drive.


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