Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A strong B+

... is something I would be happy with in Grade School.  But it leads me to believe that there is more work to be done in the career that I've chosen.  Today had an opportunity to play out there in my chosen field, and spent a lot of time working on the material.  And my opportunity went well.  But Well doesn't  help me acquire work, and well is not what I expect out of myself.  That is what sucks about doing A+ work.  You expect to do that every time.  Kind of like golf.  Once you hit a shot well once, you should be able to do the same thing the next time and expect the same result, except you chunk it or slice it or realize that you are trying to hit the ball into waaaaaay to small a hole.
Luckily for me, and I say thing right now without really feeling it in my body, but I am happy to know that more work can be done.  "They ain't seen nothing yet." My competitive sports natured, "win and you did it right," attitude doesn't really apply to my career, so I have to adjust and learn new tactics.  And that can be hard to do at age ____.   Desire to do it though is strong. And each day it gets better.  And each day I learn a little something new.  That is what I am talking about.
On a side note when I went home for the holidays, which is in Maine where at one point the high temp was 6, my family's shower wasn't working properly.  It only allowed you to have a  hot shower for like 3 mins then would become very luke warm, not cold, just luke warm.  My father had no problem with this because he takes 3 min showers, something I have yet to learn how to do.  But 2.5 weeks of lukewarm showers helped me come to the realization that lukewarm is worse than cold.  Lukewarm keeps you in the shower hoping that it might get hotter.  Cold makes you just get out. Lessons to live by.

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